Father’s Day 2018

Fathers day this year went great! Bacon on a stick at church, got two “Dad rocks!” rocks from each girl (they were in class for both ser­vices, so they got to do the project twice.) Got some stuff done around the house, and end­ed the day with a grilled rib-eye.  All in all, I felt loved and cherished.

I have been hav­ing a hard time late­ly, allow­ing the stress of my job and wor­ries about par­ent­ing to affect me more than it real­ly should.  This father’s day real­ly lift­ed my spir­its.  Praise the Lord for all the good He has placed in my life!

Attempting to share a room

Our girls JR and E, are super cute, obe­di­ent, and sweet — most of the time.  During the day, they are great, but when bed­time comes around, it is dif­fi­cult.  They both would rather run around and play than go to bed.  I’m sure that this is total­ly nor­mal, espe­cial­ly since they are so close in age, but it can be real­ly infu­ri­at­ing at times.  My wife and I real­ly cher­ish our adult time and if they stay up late, then we don’t get so much of it.

Right now, they are in sep­a­rate rooms, across the hall from each oth­er.  At bed­time, they tend to treat their two rooms as a sin­gle play area.  So, a few nights ago, we tried some­thing new: we let them have a “sleep­over.”

We used it as an incen­tive.  If they both made hap­py plates, and if they were obe­di­ent dur­ing bath time and while get­ting ready for bed, then we’d let them share a room for the night.  We even let them have a half hour of “con­ver­sa­tion time” before lights out.  At first, it seemed like it was going to work… Continue read­ing “Attempting to share a room”

New blog, old thoughts

I’m reboot­ing my blog, but not with­out import­ing some old posts from an old blog of mine that I let rot for years.  That one was pret­ty much 100% spir­i­tu­al­i­ty based, but I intend for this one to be more gen­er­al.  I expect that this is going to turn into a Dad blog before long.

Can’t wait to start post­ing stuff!