Staying in a hotel with three little ones

I was invit­ed to a con­ven­tion this week­end. It starts in 5 hours. Want to go?”

I looked up from my work com­put­er. “Um. OK. Do we have a room?” “Not yet, but I want­ed to check with you first.”

Fast-for­ward 5 and a half hours and we are pulling up to the hotel. The dri­ve was 1 hour, give or take, and it took us an hour to load up the car. Before that, we hasti­ly packed every­thing we thought we would need, but there was­n’t enough time to do that well.

We are on the sec­ond night of this trip, and this is going bet­ter than the pre­vi­ous night by far. I have learned a lot in these two days. Things to pack and things not to pack. How to get the lit­tle ones to go to sleep while shar­ing a cramped hotel room. How to keep them that way. (Hint: it involves hang­ing out in the hall­way, prefer­ably with a beer.)

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The tablet experiment

Last week, we dug up the girls’ tablets from their hid­ing place.  I spent a hour adding time lim­its and lock­ing down the avail­able apps to just a few pre-screened, edu­ca­tion­al games.  They have Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablets, which I am extreme­ly hap­py with.  (I might do a post lat­er on how I have them set up.)

On the night before we revealed them, we told the girls that if they were well-behaved and went right to sleep, they would get tablet time the next day.  My wife and I both prayed real­ly hard that they would take it seri­ous­ly.  As it turned out, they did.  The next morn­ing, I hand­ed them the tablets, helped them get start­ed, and got my work done in rel­a­tive qui­et. Continue read­ing “The tablet experiment”