A couple of weeks in Springfield

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We have been in Springfield, MO for a week and a half now and have decid­ed to extend our stay anoth­er few days. Kenieshiear and I real­ly like it here. Also, we’re not sure where we want to go next.

We’ve tak­en a look at a few hous­es for sale, and even made an offer on one. That offer fell through, but it’s pret­ty sur­pris­ing how much I’m ready to find some­thing. There is a house that I real­ly like and it’s prob­a­bly in our price range if we fina­gle a few things. The tim­ing might not be right, though.

The littles at the zoo
Took the lit­tle ones to the Dickerson Park Zoo. It was our sec­ond time, and we’ll prob­a­bly be back a third time before we leave town!
At the mall
We had some fun at the mall too!

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