A couple of weeks in Springfield

At The Zoo

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We have been in Springfield, MO for a week and a half now and have decid­ed to extend our stay anoth­er few days. Kenieshiear and I real­ly like it here. Also, we’re not sure where we want to go next.

We’ve tak­en a look at a few hous­es for sale, and even made an offer on one. That offer fell through, but it’s pret­ty sur­pris­ing how much I’m ready to find some­thing. There is a house that I real­ly like and it’s prob­a­bly in our price range if we fina­gle a few things. The tim­ing might not be right, though.

The littles at the zoo
Took the lit­tle ones to the Dickerson Park Zoo. It was our sec­ond time, and we’ll prob­a­bly be back a third time before we leave town!
At the mall
We had some fun at the mall too!

Driving to Springfield

Driving to Springfield

[Follow our road trip here using the tag Road Trip 2019 ]

Leaving the cen­tral Texas area turned out to be much more dif­fi­cult than we antic­i­pat­ed. It was as if we had been trapped in a grav­i­ta­tion­al well or some­thing. It took us an extra cou­ple of hours to get the car packed up, even though we had just packed it to stay at the con­do a few days ear­li­er. The plan was to stop by the house to pull some things out of the garage for our ten­ant; that took longer than antic­i­pat­ed. We did­n’t get far until I real­ized that I had lost my keys; we had to go back to the house to track them down.

Our clan final­ly got to the high­way around 4pm. I had hoped to be on the road by 11am. It meant a night dri­ve and a late night arrival in Springfield. The girls did­n’t want to sleep because they were wor­ried about miss­ing out on pass­ing into Missouri, even though that was hours away. We still had to get out of Texas and go through Oklahoma first! We had 9 and a half hours of road time, and every stop added at least 30 min­utes on top of that.

Entering Oklahoma

It took a while to get out of Texas and into Oklahoma. By the time we crossed the bor­der, it was dark. Kenieshiear had hoped to stop by a lit­tle Amish shop off the side of the road, but they were closed. We did get to see the casi­nos all lit up in their gar­ish fash­ion, though.

Driving through Oklahoma was long and bor­ing. Not much to look at dur­ing the day, and less at night. It did give me an oppor­tu­ni­ty to think and men­tal­ly com­pose this post. My fam­i­ly slept and I thought and drove. I think the worst part was the low speed lim­it. Whenever we drove through a small town, the lim­it would drop to 45 or less for a mile or two and that threw off pace by more than I expected.

There is an Interstate that would have avoid­ed these issues. That would have had us swing­ing out of the way and would­n’t have saved any time. We would­n’t have had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to laugh when the lady at Taco Bell com­ment­ed “Spending that FAFSA mon­ey, huh?” It would­n’t have been as much fun.

The dogs resting
Did I men­tion we had the dogs with us in the back?

Finally, Missouri!

After sev­er­al hours in Oklahoma, we final­ly made it to a toll road with decent speed lim­its and were short­ly after that enter­ing Missouri. Just a cou­ple of hours to go! At this point, every­body was asleep, though Kenieshiear would wake up and ask me if I was okay every time we hit a bump in the road.

I was pret­ty tired, so I don’t remem­ber too much to add for this leg of the trip. We safe­ly made it to our airbnb around 3ish. By the time we got the chil­dren and dogs and stuff out of the car, it was 4ish. The chil­dren work us up at 7ish.

More updates to come.

Another road trip?

On The Road Again

[I know my last post (from December!) was about a road trip, and I have a nev­er-pub­lished recap of that trip, but I real­ly intend to do a bet­ter job with updates this time around!]

[Follow our road trip here using the tag Road Trip 2019 ]

We are off on anoth­er grand adven­ture! We are real­ly going all-in this time, too. We have leased out our house and are in the process of buy­ing a con­do not too far away, but that has­n’t closed yet and will prob­a­bly not close for anoth­er month or so. In the mean­time, we are going nomadic, pack­ing the dogs, chil­dren, and all of our neces­si­ties into the fam­i­ly car.

Our first stop will be Missouri, but that’s about the end of our planning.

View From the Condo

At the moment, we are spend­ing a few nights in the con­do we have put an offer on. The views are mag­nif­i­cent, and I have been work­ing from the bal­cony. We will be pack­ing up and head­ing north soon!

We’re going on a road trip

Next week, we’re pack­ing up the chil­dren and the dogs. We are head­ing out on a grand adven­ture to see the win­ter.  To begin, we’re head­ing north into the plains.  We will spend a week at a house in Missouri.  I will be work­ing from there, because I don’t have any PTO left.  It is not the best sce­nario, but I will make it work!

It is the first extend­ed trip we’ll do as a fam­i­ly since my youngest was born, and it is the first ever with the dogs.  I’m still iffy about the dogs, to be hon­est.  My wife thinks it’ll work out just fine, though, and I trust her.