When I am insecure in who I am, I am insecure in who God is”

I can’t take cred­it for this title.  I heard it dur­ing a Celebrate Recovery tes­ti­mo­ny and it got me thinking.

Lately, I have been strug­gling with the choic­es for my future.  I am strug­gling with mak­ing the choice between rid­ing out my cur­rent job, tak­ing a new one, or jump­ing into my busi­ness with­out a net?  Where am I sup­posed to be lead­ing my family?

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I used to think…

I used to think that I should do any­thing to get what I want.  I fought, screamed, bit, kicked, what­ev­er it took.  I used to think that was a good thing; that it made me strong.  Logically, this does­n’t make any sense.  Emotionally, this atti­tude is drain­ing.  Physically, it is dan­ger­ous.  Socially, it is destruc­tive.  Personally, it has crushed my self worth.

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What is the Trinity, anyway?

I’ve always had prob­lems under­stand­ing the con­cept of the Trinity.  From the peo­ple I’ve talked to, it seems to me that I’m not the only one.  One God, but three parts?  Doesn’t make sense at first, and even after it does, it’s hard to fig­ure out the divi­sion between the three.  (Perhaps there is no real divi­sion, but if that’s the case, why do we try to do it any­way?) Continue read­ing “What is the Trinity, anyway?”